People skill development and personal growth

About us

Mind Mojo took shape to meet the people skill requirements in the community. In a system where education is not fully equipped to equip an individual whether professionally or personally, where life is fast paced and where human relations come under stress, Mind Mojo hopes to fill the gaps. We are a community of mentors who are dedicated to help individuals reach their higher potential. We work with individuals, educational Institutions and organizations and have very many programs for people skill development and personal growth.

What we do

In any organization, people are its asset. We facilitate the growth of an organization by assessing its people skill needs and providing solutions for any challenges the organization might face. We suggest long term intervention than a quick fix. Does your staff interact with customers directly? Do you want them trained in Customer service or effective communication? Does your team get along well? Do they need a motivating team building day? Are your employees stressed out? Do you want them more relaxed to be more effective and productive? Are your new managers still thinking as subordinates rather a manager? Do you want the person to grow into a manager? Contact us to facilitate the growth of your personnel and organization.

Students from all educational Institutes will one day step out into the job market. Our present education system does not equip our students to enter the work force fully equipped. It also does not really take a student’s talent, interest and skills into account to channel them into their preferred line of interest. Are your students ready for that job interview? Do they have the skills to make that good impression and get hired? Do they know what they want out of life? Contact us to talk to your students, to inspire, train, mentor and mould them.

With the breakdown of the support system of joint families, extended families, people and families are left alone to fend for their emotional and mental support. For Individuals and families, we mentor, counsel, facilitate to unlearn old learning, relearn new ways of thinking, doing and feeling to have a meaningful and joyful wholesome life. Contact us to address any concern that you may have regarding your social being and skills.

Our faculty

The pool of mentors, facilitators and trainers at Mind Mojo has a vast experience to back them. All of them have been in the industry for a long time. They update their skills and knowledge in response to the changes in the industry. They are the best solutions to the people skill challenges that you may face. Contact us at Mind Mojo to know how we can make a change in your lives

Sajitha Rasheed
Founder and chief mentor at Mind Mojo

A Post Graduate in Sociology with an additional PG in General Psychology, Ms.Rasheed has been into training, mentoring and facilitating personal and organizational growth for the past ten years. She started her career in the service industry, namely tourism, telecom and event management for a little more than ten years. She got into the training industry by chance and realized it was her calling. Ever since, there has been no looking back. On her way, she added on to her expertise by doing additional courses, attending various trainings herself, reading and testing all that she learned. She makes sure that she imparts only those lessons that she has tested, tried and found successful.