People skill development and personal growth


Employability skills

Whether in school, college or an institute, we introduce students to the skills required to get hired. Skills that help you sail through the recruitment process and those soft skills that will make you excel in your area of work. Some of them are interview skills, group discussions, resume writing, goal setting, creative thinking, effective communication, creating first impressions, etc. We have speakers to inspire and introduce these topics to students, trainers to conduct sessions and workshops, mentors to take the students through the process of making decisions on their future.

Personal growth programs

Want to grow, build confidence, reduce stress, anger or simply be a step ahead than yesterday? Our programs ensure that the specific needs are met through our workshops. It makes one aware of self, let discover healthier options and tap into hidden potential. Building confidence, goal setting, effective communication, managing anger and time, etc. any skill that you need to work on to get better than yesterday, to grow and become your complete self. We facilitate to bring out the true potential and true you.

Relationship building programs

To facilitate healthy and positive relations between people, we have our own workshops on Parenting, Marital relations, pre-marital workshops, etc. These help individuals recognize their styles, strengths, what works, what does not, how to respond differently, etc.

Teen workshop – deals with growth of teens physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We believe knowledge is power. Once young adults are informed, they can make healthy choices and decisions. We give them awareness about substance abuse, sexuality, pregnancy, STDs, talents, skills, career, etc.

Healthy marriage/relationship workshop - we do not need both partners to attend, just one spouse would be enough. It creates awareness in the individual about their own patterns, partner’s patterns, what they are doing healthy and unhealthy for themselves and their relation, what other options can be practiced, etc. It’s usually a 3 day workshop with 2 days intensive in one month and 3rd day follow up session the next month.

Pre-marital workshop – is for those who are ready to tie the knot. Individuals and couples to be married can attend. It will help gain an understanding of each other, making living together on a daily basis smoother. It takes the participants back to their basic self to understand the present self. Also give guidance to communicate In healthy ways with future partner and family. If there are couple participants, we suggest a small session with both sets of parents/entire immediate family.

Corporate programs

These programs cover all the skills required for an individual to perform well in their professional life. Influencing people positively, managerial skills, delegating, motivating people, basic sales and marketing, customer care, effective communication, conflict management, team building, managing time, stress and anger, etc. Equip an organization with people, skilled to get along well and perform well. Tell us your need, challenges that need solutions, we will walk with you and find an optimum solution.

Therapeutic programs

Programs that help you unwind, forget your daily worries, push you out of the everyday rut. Theater, dance, yoga, Art & craft, clay modeling, etc. we have excellent faculty for all these creative programs that will unleash your energy, creativity and talent. These are unconventional ways of channeling energy. It helps participants to de-stress, unwind and be open to new ideas. The faculty will ensure that the creative juices find a way to flow out.